This is the mask of "zagna" and the picture you see is Columbina, one of the most famous female servants. "Zagna" was a female second zanni, sometimes referred to as "Servetta" or "Soubrette", and noted for her coquetry. Columbina was a first zanni and usually did not wear a mask.

These female servants were fresh and frisky, sometimes crafty, and often without morals. They were known to make use of disquises, dressing up as doctors, cavaliers, barristers, and other servants. Columbina was often servant to the young lover or Isabella and was the smartest character in a scenario. She was autonomous, self-sufficient, and quite rational. Usually paired with Arlecchino, she was sometimes known as "Arlecchine". Other names for the female servant were Franceschina, Smeraldina, Olivetta, Nespola, and Spinetta.

Physical Characteristics
Columbina was not afraid to show her buxom contours or flaunt her robust hips. She was young in spirit but "mothered" the other servants. Originally robust in her gestures, she became lighter in her walk, more engaging in her manner, and less overtly sexual in the seventeenth century. She stands with hands on her hips, or holding a basket or tamborine, while flirting audaciously with the young lover or Capitano, knowing that Arlecchino is her great love.

A comparable animal image for Columbina is a pet cat, smart and cuddly.