Related Scripts:

A Double asterisk ** means the book is readily available in most libraries AND through and
Books without asterisks may be more difficult to locate. A good university library should have most of these listed.

This group is not in order of preference; they are all good scripted material for Commedia style and action:

1. **The Three Cuckolds by Leon Katz (Applause Theatre Books Publishers, NY/1986; Performing rights held by Samuel French, NY). A charming scenario in two acts with Arlecchino, Coviello, Flaminia, Pantalone, Zanni, Franceschina, Devil, Leandro, Cintia, and a musician.

2. **The Servant of Two Masters and Other Italian Classics, edited by Eric Bentley (Applause Theatre Books, NY/1986; performing rights held by Samuel French, NY). This collection includes the Goldoni classic 18th c. commedia featuring Truffaldino, Pantalone, Clarice, Brighella, Silvio and Smeraldina, a play in three acts. It also has Niccolo Machiavelli's The Mandrake (5 Acts, written in 1520, with translated songs for each act), Carlo Gozzi's The King Stag, a play in 3 acts written in 1762, and Angelo Beolco's Ruzzante Returns From the Wars, a one-act scenario from 1523.

3. **The Green Bird by Carlo Gozzi (Northwood Institute Press, MI/1985; performing rights held by IASTA, NY). In both Italian and English, translated by John D. Mitchell, this play in two acts, features Truffaldino, Smeraldina, Pantalone, Brighella, Tartaglia, and several other fun characters. Julie Taymor brought this to life on Broadway in 2000.

4. Commedia Americana by Jules Tasca (published by and with performing rights held by Samuel French, NY/1992) is six short Commedia dell'Arte plays for a modern audience. There is a "thread" character through all six who can be cut to do only one or two of the plays.

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