This is the mask of a Satiro character from a commedia pastorale.

These "creatures" bridged the world of fantasy and reality. They were clever, mischievous, and without morals. They magically disquised themselves or the environment, changing one tree into a forest where the lovers could hide, transforming themselves into messenger bees, cavaliers, pets, or convenient servants. They relished in creating havoc for all the lovers, old men, capitano, and dottore, while assuring a happy ending. These are the characters that inspired Puck and the Fairy kingdom. Like Pan, "satiro" is the guardian of the shepherds and player of music. He is also prone to drinking, partying, and lusting after women.

Physical Characteristics

The physicality is like that of a satyr--the body of a man, the feet of a goat. In donning this mask, one should rise up onto the balls of the feet, never letting the heels down. The body becomes anything it needs to promote the storytelling, from human, to environment, to atmosphere. This character can move very quickly, and can be still indefinitely.

A comparable animal image for Satiro is a goat.