Links to other Commedia resources on the web.

Online summaries of Commedia history, characters, or related sites:

Commedia dell'Arte from Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia (variable accuracy)
Dell'Arte International School of Physical TheatreCommedia dell'Carte -information on characters, history, scenarios, links
Commedia dell'Arte article from Winifred Smith's quite accurate 1912 description of Commedia
I Sebastiani - a well-researched Boston-based Commedia Troupe
David Claudon
Roberto Delpiano
Commedia Information Site - an Australian site by Delyse Ryan
Obscure Stages: an annotated bibliography of Commedia and other obscure theatre forms
The Open Directory Project
Jacques LeCoq
Dario Fo
Judith's first Boston street commedia production
Judith in Korea

Workshops and Training

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre Blue Lake, California
Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy: full year, semester, and summer programs of study
Teatro Punto
Access to Carlos Garcia Estevez's website "Manifesto Poetico" and Katrien van Beurden's "Theatre Hotel Courage": in Amsterdam and Barcelona
International School of the Comic Actor with Antonio Fava in Reggio-Emilia, Italy
Workshops with Carlo Boso in France
Workshops with Anna Cottis
Ecole Jacques LeCoq in Paris
The Roving Classical Commedia University, with Stanley Allan Sherman and Hovey Burgess
Celebration Barn Theatre in South Paris, Maine: summer physical theatre workshops
Go Inspired Commedia courses in Italy and USA
The San Francisco Mime Troup
Workshops with Judith


Donato Sartori, Abano Terme, Italy
Den Durand, France
Antonia Fava (Reggio-Emilia, Italy)
Jorge Anon (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Stanley Allan Sherman (New York, NY)
Jonathan Becker (USA)
Robert Faust: Faustwork (Toronto, Canada)
Frans Krom (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Torbjörn Alström (Sweden)
Craig and Zann Jacobrown (Washington state)
Darkside Masks (USA and New Zealand) (Florence, Italy)
Mask Makers Web (resource page)

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