This is the mask of Il Dottore, the pedant from Bologna (site of the oldest European university). Il Dottore professes to know everything, but actually knows nothing. He loves to hear himself speak and expounds on answers, whether asked or not (but he is always wrong). He claims to be a doctor of medicine, philosophy, science, law, language, literature, art, politics, or the classics, or all of them. He is a delightfully pretentious bag of wind.

His mask covers the forehead and nose, signifying his heady thoughts and nosy intrusions.

His sense of space is broad, like his girth. He bounces when he walks, and uses his hands expressively to clarify his vivid ideas and descriptions. When Il Dottore enters a room, he demands attention and respect through his non-stop orations engaging non-sensical Latin and Greek sounding phrases, signifying nothing.

A comparable animal image is the howler monkey.