This is the mask of Il Capitano, the cowardly braggart soldier. He is the foreigner in the scenario, speaking with an accent (or two), who enters to conquer arrogant foes, to rescue young damsels in distress, or to win the hearts of beautiful widows. He is, however, a wimp. He avoids fighting at all costs by deflecting conflicts, feigning death, or outsmarting aggressors. He vainly claims superior physical prowess on the battlefield and in bedchambers all over the world but fails at everything. In his mind, anyone is a fool who cannot recognize his beauty, strength, sensitivity, and foresight. In fact, he is usually penniless and easily intimidated. He is often the suitor of La Signora in a scenario, but seldom wins her over in the end.

Some of the il Capitano masks have long noses, signifying brawn over brains (the longer the nose, the fewer the brains..)

His sense of space is the vast world around him for fighting. He holds his weapon strongly and aggressively (anything from an old, rusty or crooked sword to a stick he thinks is a sword), but doesn't really know how to use it. When bragging, he stands tall and has a wide stance, with feet firmly planted. When avoiding conflict he becomes small and shy, shriveling and shivering in fear. He can run very fast when necessary.

A comparable animal image is the bantam rooster.